Guest mix on Ernesto vs Bastian’s podcast

Guest mix on Ernesto vs Bastian’s podcast

Ernesto and Bastian need no introduction, or certainly not if you know your dance music! As far as music partnerships are concerned this pair are the perfect match!

Foundations to their successful double act were set in 2001 when they produced three blinding singles – “Lonely People”, “Being Single” and “Who Is The Starter”, all of them going on to sell thousands worldwide. It wasn’t until the phenomenally huge ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ was released did the planet sit up and take notice. This one single has been signed to over 30 countries still the requests flow in! It was the biggest trance record of 2005 and being considered as a classic After this – the only direction for Ernesto & Bastian was up!

Every Week they strive and yearn to bring to YOUR ears melodic art through their highly popular Radio Show – The Next Level.

This Episode will be aired on different locations from November 13th to November 19th

Premiere: Every Friday 19.00 CET @


On Safari Radio 104.7 FM @ 20:00 CET
On EMS Radio @ 21.00 CET
On City Radio UK @ 23.00 CET
On Hitec Radio @ 00:00 CET

On 1mix UK @ 12.00 CET
On ID Radio @ 16.00 CET
On SSRadioUK Hard & Fast @ 19.00 CET
On Audio FM @ 21.00 CET
On Track FM @ 23:00 CET

On Slinky FM @ 23.00 CET

On Discover Trance Radio @ 17.00 CET

On Puresound.FM @ 12.00 CET
On Radio4by4 @ 14.00 CET
On @ 21.00 CET

On Tune FM @ 20:00 CET

On Totaal FM @ 15:00 CET
On Hitec Radio @ 16:00 CET
On Taatu in The Next Level Room @ 16.00 CET
On Citybeat Radio @ 13.00 CET
On Trancesonic FM @ 22.00
On Pirate Fm 91.0 FM @ 23:00 CET
On Static Progress @ 01:00 CET

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